• PsTools – Exceptional tools which you nodoubt will have come across, all tools are free to download and are very helpful for remote access and administration. Particular favourites are:
    • Psexec – This can be used to run applications / command lines on a remote windows machine
    • Process Explorer – Although not strictly part of PsTools, this App once part of SysInternals, now run by Microsoft, it is great for tracking down processes and applications which are hogging resource
    • Pskill – Excellent when used in conjunction with other tools from the suite for ridding a computer of pesky Malware
  • Nirsoft.Net – Here is a great collection of tools which can be extremely useful for workstation audits or recovery of passwords and wireless keys. Tools I frequently use:
    • Mail Pass View – Excellent for getting your stored email server passwords (pop/imap) out of most the common email clients e.g. Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Thunderbird etc…
    • NK2 View – Use this to export the cached addresses from Outlook
    • Produkey – Recover  the installation keys for Windows and Office products
  • Windows Update Downloader (HTA) – Little HTA I wrote to force download / installation of windows updates
  • Block ADs with hosts file – This website has a nice hosts file that you can download and install on your windows computer and it will block common AD sites, althought I had to make a couple of deletions to all me to use Google Ad links.
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