Posted by: David | August 24, 2010

Citadel 7.83 Update breaks webcit

So I am running Citadel as my MTA / POP3 / IMAP server, I have to confess I am a fan of easy admin and the Webcit client that comes with Citadel although I don’t like the webmail client I do like the administration features it offers which combined with the groupware features of the Citadel package is always a definite winner.

Earlier this month 7.83 was released after checking the release notes I figured worth a gamble.

So with a bit of

apt-get upgrade

I am running 7.83, quick test of my webmail client, (not Citadel I am running roundcube) check working

Check IMAP, POP3 and SMTP all good.

Check webcit, and get page cannot be displayed :-/, check and webcit is not running. Ok checked /etc/default/webcit and found the upgrade has changed this back to defaults. So I changed my Webcit ports back to my custom ports.

Log in to the admin interface to check this is working and uh-oh I got the following error:

This program was unable to connect or stay connected to the Citadel server. Please report this problem to your system administrator.Read More…

So a quick check to see if the services are listening

# netstat -lnp | grep -i webcit
tcp        0      0    *               LISTEN      21587/webcit
tcp        0      0   *               LISTEN      21590/webcit

All looks good.

After a quick reboot and some more digging I choose to run webcit from the console so I could check the ouput to web requests.

I stopped the webcit service and ran the daemon following with command:

sudo webcit -p81

Checked the output and when trying to access the webcit site it shows a connection error when trying to talk to the Citadel backend.

Checked the listening ports on the server and citadel is listening on 504 so looks like there is a problem with webcit talking to the unix domain sockets. So I kill the webcit daemon and rerun with

sudo webcit -p81 504

Test webcit and bingo were in business. A quick edit of /etc/defaults/webcit and specification of the Citadel server details and a service restart later and were all up and running.



  1. Thanks mate – this really helped me out.

  2. Your welcome 🙂

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