Posted by: David | January 28, 2010

The finer points of aqadmcli

I can’t praise this tool enough, I spent the day today picking a mass mailing out of and exchange 2003 outbound queue and if it wasnt for aqadmcli I would still be clicking delete.

This tool is more commonly used by people who can’t configure tarpitting and recipient filtering and want to clear down their SMTP queues which are full of NDR’s from where some bot-net is dictionary spamming their domain.

But there are often other reasons to clear down queues on your exchange SMTP queues.

In this case a client had sent out a newsletter which was temporarily deferred by the smarthost, I needed to clear out these emails so the other company emails could reach the world, however before I could do that the client wanted to know out of their 2000+ recipients who hadnt received the email.

Now if you enumerate the recipients in the queues with the ESM if found each email in the queue gave me all 2000+ recipients the newsletter was due to be delivered to.

However if you use aqadmcli you can at least get the domains of the stuck emails like so:

adaqmcli setserver= queueinfo >output.txt

This should produce a nice text file full of the all the domains still pending for delivery, now all you need to do is clear them out your queue to leave your other emails to flow freely.

setserver [servername]
delmsg flags=MSGID,msgid=""

You can get your message id from the ESM or by using the msginfo in aqadmcli.


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